How often do married people over 66 have sexual activity? The answer for this question may big surprise you: It turns out that a large percentage of adults over the age of 55 do certainly have sexual activity at least several times a month, with males ranging from regarding four https://mediablog.prnewswire.com/2021/02/08/dating-blogs/ to 16 times a month. Similarly, girls report having sex in least 4 times each week.

Keeping a Sexual life Active as You Get Older

One of the main problems older couples face is that they sometimes own trouble keeping their love lives alive, or maybe even getting more sex. This is certainly due to a number of issues including erectile dysfunction, low sexual desire (sex drive) and health conditions just like diabetes or perhaps cancer.


In most cases, these types of problems can be addressed by medical therapy or changes in lifestyle. If you’re concerned that your sex life could possibly be affecting your relationship, confer with your doctor about these issues or consider counseling.

Frequently Rejected by Your Partner

It’s common for elderly couples to feel refused by their https://married-dating.org/seekingarrangement-review/ partners at sex more often than they did once these people were younger, relating to psychologist Jeff Gray, author of “Sex Therapy. ” This can be because your partner thinks they’re not producing enough attempt or chasing you enough. But if you’re able to open the lines of communication together with your partner and explain so why they’re rejecting you, it will help restore a far more balanced love-making balance within your relationship, Grey says.


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