Tree Trimming, Cutting and Pruning

Typically, trimming, cutting and pruning trees takes place during late fall and winter months when they are not blooming or producing fruit so as to prevent the risk of a tree being exposed to disease and insect infestation if cut to late in a trees season during the spring and summer months.

Tree pruning is most common for Maples, Dogwood and fruit bearing trees (apples, pears, oranges, etc).

Tree topping is the act of keeping the tops of trees from into and over power utility lines.

Can You Trim, Cut and Prune Your Trees Yourself?

You can, at the risk of potentially causing permanent damage to both the tree, yourself or others nearby.

It’s bad for the trees if the pruning is done improperly.

If you care about the well-being and health of your tree(s), we recommend the inexperienced against trimming and pruning them themselves. How you do so makes a huge difference in its quality of life. Improper cutting invariably causes irreversible damage.

It’s bad for human beings if an accident occurs without proper safety equipment, knowledge and experience to deal with the weight of a tree and its appropriate disposal. Taking a chainsaw to it if handled improperly can come with serious life threatening consequences.

Another common pitfall is when people place letters against the trunk of a tree (or worst – against the branches themselves) to cut a limb, not considering a limb swinging down in the unintended direction causing the ladder to be swept up from underneath the feet. Most people underestimate the weight of a single limb.

For these reasons we recommend against cutting and pruning yourself for both your safety and longevity of your tree(s).

Now that you know what entails in trimming, cutting and pruning, there are three types of pruning services we offer depending on the age and type your tree(s).

Mature tree pruning

When a trees branches and limbs are dead or dying, if left unattended will cause valuable nutrients and minerals to be wasted and absorbed by dead wood. To maintain a trees health and increase it’s lifespan, the removal of lifeless branches is a process we refer to as “cleaning”.

Another process is called “thinning”. This is the systematic removal of live branches to reduce density, wind resistance and storm damage.

“Raising” is the art of removing lower branches to improve the form and shape of a tree, remove object interference and compensate for weaknesses in tree structure.

Young tree pruning

What takes place during this crucial phase determines a trees lifespan, health and aesthetic look and feel.

Pruning trees while young and growing rapidly is essential to a strong framework for future growth. If left to it’s own devices branches can grow wildly out of control causing potential unforeseeable damage in the years to come.

Specialty pruning

Fruit trees are a favorite amongst our customers that requires proper care and attention for successful growth. Apples, pears, and citrus fruits grow quickly and more efficiently with proper care and pruning.

If you’d like a free estimate to determine the service you need for proper trimming, cutting and pruning, call Aesthetic today.