Tree Removal Service

We recognize tree removal is a last ditch effort. In a perfect scenario we’d like to preserve the life and beauty of a tree when possible.

Some of those scenarios when dealing with problematic trees include but are not limited to root overgrowth causing wear and tear to a residential foundation, excessive water sapping leading to poor lawn health, over-reaching branches that, if snapped during heavy storms could damage the roof of a home, amongst other potential issues.

Some are simply not wanted for personal reasons or are a sight for sore eyes. Regardless of your situation we’re here to make removing your tree(s) as quick and easy as possible with *zero* property damage.

Here’s a few simple factors we consider when determining the proper service and estimate for your specific needs:

How Many Trees Do You Need Removed?

Most contractors charge a little less the more trees required to be removed. The more trees needed to be removed at once the better the rate of removal per tree on average.

How Tall Is The Tree(s)?

The height of a tree determines the level of difficulty and man hours required to remove it. Consequently this influences the price of removal to a larger degree because of increased level of skill, risk and use of tools.

Are They Near Power lines?

This is a highly risky endeavor that may involve traffic control, permits and increased level of skill to safely remove. The demands for this service varies. Some tree branches are just underneath power lines, while others are tangled up and require more skill not only to prevent electrocution but line damage which can affect an entire neighborhoods power supply if mishandled for hours, possibly day.

What Is The Condition Of Your Lot?

As a general rule of thumb if your property sits on a slope or uneven piece of land you may be paying double what you would if the process was done on flat land.

Jobs of this type require more man hours, precision and skill while carrying greater risk.

What Species Of Tree(s) Is It?

The species of your tree determines it’s level of difficulty for complete removal.

Clearly, not all services are created equal and there is no one-size-fits-all estimate. Some projects are more difficult than others depending on the various factors listed above and also based on the skill level and tools available to the tree removal service in question.

Do-It-Yourself Tree Removal – Do or Don’t?

We recommend AGAINST removing any tree until you seek out professional advice from several tree cutting services who can safely recommend cutting a tree and/or branches on a case-by-case basis (smaller trees, for example).

In an effort to save a few bucks people sacrifice their safety, their property and that of others when attempting to take matters into their own hands.

Trees and their limbs are far heavier than they appear because they are stationary and have never been tested against human strength. When a chainsaw is taken to it they have a tendency to kickback, jump and *twist* suddenly as a reaction to being cut due to the power and force of the machine on the tree.

Do-it-yourself tree removal sometimes utilizes inefficient ladders for hard to reach areas where a cherry picker may be the safest option. This is far more dangerous considering the unpredictable nature of your standard hand machine combined with the weight of fallen tree limbs. One false move and you could lose a finger, a limb, or worst – your very life.

In conclusion, we understand the desire to get the cheapest rate possible but there’s an old saying that goes, “You get what you pay for.”

If you want quality service for a fair and reasonable price, call us today for your free estimate and one of our arborist will come out to give you a proper assessment.

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