In Bangladesh, international dating for filipina women matrimony is not only the best requirement but also a cultural and spiritual function. It is a time of celebration and rejoicing. In a typical Bengali wedding party, many traditions are implemented and each you have its own value.

The Engagement Feast day

As the groom and the new bride decide to marry, they exchange wedding rings with their particular families. This is generally a small formal procedure held on the home of just one of the two parties. This mainly entails the parents of both tourists and it is usually celebrated by groom’s side.

Gaye Holud

The bridal showering in Bengali is known as ‘Gaye Holud’ and it is observed by simply close friends and family of the bride. It requires the application of turmeric paste on the star of the event. It is a incredibly different and fun-filled tradition that validates the bonding regarding the bride and her family.

Post-marriage ceremonies

After the marriage ceremony, the couple will take dinner using their close relatives. Chances are they go to a space called the ‘bashor ghor’ where the siblings of the bride keep the door and demand money from other new brother-in-law in exchange of allowing him into the place.

This can be one of the most essential rituals in a French wedding. The ‘loha’ – a special kind of bangle made out of iron has to the woman as a symbol of her acceptance in to the groom’s home. It is a extremely special gift idea that she is supposed to wear on her remaining wrist always.


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