25 Year Experience Tree Service Wichita KS Company

Specialize in Difficult Tree Removal & Trimming, Licensed & Insured!

Our Aesthetic Tree Service of Wichita, Kansas goes above & beyond customer expectation.
We are family owned & operated, providing quality service over quantity.
Operating with very experienced crew members Only.
We get the job done quickly, efficiently & safely.
Most of the time, the job is finished on the same day, & yard is left absolutely spotless! Offering our services to all of Sedgwick County.

Call us today for the best Tree trimming services & removal work in town!

Top Reasons to Pick Us

  • We provide Free Quotes (Fair & Honest Estimates)
  • Affordable Prices
  • Licensed & Insured & Bonded
  • Certified Arborists
  • Very well maintained equipment
  • Strictly follow High Safety Standard & Guidelines of ISA
  • High Reputation on Home Advisor, Yelp, Yahoo, Bing, Yellow Pages

Company with Integrity & Pride
We take great pride in our work, meaning we work hard to impress our clients with quality work over anything else. Our company is a family run operation crew that’s been together since the beginning, & we’re going to keep it that way because we care about the integrity of our work and our reputation of  being the great tree care company in Wichita Kansas. We value the personal touch we can offer to our clients by remaining a smaller operation that allows for the owners of this company to personally take a look at your tree problems you might be facing.

Affordable tree removal Wichita with 100% customer guarantee, we’re very good at what we do.

professional tree trimming service Wichita with expert tree trimmers that know how to properly trim trees without hurting them

emergency tree removal service offered, we have cranes & other heavy equipment to safely offer storm damage recovery

No need to call any other Stump Grinder service. We can handle it all for you with complete tree stump removals.

Thank you Aesthetic Tree, you guys did an amazing job on our up rooted oak tree leaning on our house, the owner made us feel safe by giving us very in detailed explanation to make us feel safe about the removal procedure. The job was done smoothly & everyone was very professional.

Laura McDonald

I have been using this company for over 10 years and they always deliver the finest tree service you could ask for. They are very skilled at what they do and gives great competitive quotes as well. I would rather pay guys that know what they are doing than try to save little bit of money on a new company, so Aesthetic Tree is our go to company, you will not regret it

Dan Townsend

We take on difficult tree removals other companies walk away from


We take on difficult jobs other companies walk away from, big 100 ft trees or tree with very little to no clearance, sometimes requiring crane removal service. For example if a tree is too close to your home, or there’s other obstructions that make it impossible for any machinery to get past it or if its up rooted and too unstable for a tree climber, we take no chances and we’ll utilize the proper equipment necessary to get the job done safely. Some of this expertise only comes with experience so if you are in need of tree work but nervous about it, make sure to give us a call or at least get multiple quotations from very experienced tree companies.
We’ll be happy to provide free estimates on any difficult tree service you might have.

The bottom line…

If you want a company that truly cares about their reputation and being the best in all aspects of tree service & arbor care, than look no further than Aesthetic Tree Service.

There’s many companies out there with less than 5 years experience claiming to be experts but do not forget there’s many dynamics to tree care that most people do not realize such as when is it safe to trim a tree so that it can heal up without potentially killing it, or how do you deal with 100 ft trees that can destroy a home if it falls the wrong way?

Recent studies showed the tree service industry has the highest mortality rate and part of that problem is that the gear is sold to anyone with a credit card, so naturally there’s less than qualified climbers out there taking down trees.

We want to set the standard high for proper, professional tree removal & trimming in Wichita, Kansas.

This is our duty, obligation & mission, even if it means we keep our company medium size so that we can keep the quality up by involving the owners on each project then that’s what we will do. We’re in this business to provide quality service because we enjoy what we do. We’d rather make less money by doing less volume so that we can offer our premium service than to outsource our work and risk lowering the quality.

So if you want that family run business that has exceptional qualification & experience, then make sure give Aesthetic Tree Service a call today!